Information on Rocaceia Houses Available for Personal Purchase

No two houses are identical on the inside. Pricing is subject to the individual house(s) selected and any modifications desired. “Standard” sale price is $79,500 but may be higher or lower based on house selected.

Successful installation will require a flat level surface or pad slightly larger than the house, preferably on caliche to reduce the settling of house. Utility requirements are 200 amp for power, 5/8” water hose for water supply and 3” PVC pipe for sewer drainage.

* discount available for multi house purchase

  • Living area — differs by house, configuration
  • Sample bath
  • Easily painted
  • Views of framing used in houses
  • Views of framing used in houses

Rig House Floorplans

Three bedroom also available

Rig House Specifications

  • House measures 60' by 16'
  • Integrated welded 1/8" cortin steel exterior
  • "Blast proof" windows
  • Skid mounted
  • Interior finishing hand built with birch wood
  • R18 wall insulation covered by 5/8" plywood
  • FR paneling on walls
  • R29 ceiling insulation
  • Radiant barrier in both ceiling and walls
  • Ground level entry and exit
  • Push button security exterior doors
  • House weighs 40 tons; quiet and unfazed by wind
  • Interior framing allows for easy remodeling
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